Travel Plans for the Rest of the Year

Just thought I’d share what my plans are for the rest of the year to give you some idea of the HDRIs to come.

Tomorrow I’m heading to the Kruger Park for a week with my family. This is the same place that I’ve shot quite a few HDRIs in the past, and looking at the moon phases it seems like I might get another opportunity to try an astro-HDRI (without the moon overpowering all the stars). It probably won’t work that well with my current equipment, it’ll be noisy as heck, but still worth a shot (or 200). If it doesn’t work out, I’ll at least have a good example for why I need new gear 😉

Shortly after I get back, I’ll be off again to the Blender Conference 🙂 Last year was really a lot of fun, especially after the conference when I headed alone to Germany to shoot HDRIs. This time I’ll do something similar, but instead it’ll be Italy, and I’ve asked Rico to join me and shoot backplates for all the HDRIs (like we did for Cape Town last year). Of course the backplates will only be available once the goal is reached on Patreon, but at least there’ll be some immediate content when it is.

The first trip to the Kruger is mostly a holiday so it’ll be funded out of my own pocket. The second trip is partly for the Blender Conference, and partly for new HDRIs, so the costs will be split proportionately between my pocket and the travel budget portion from Patreon. Obviously a trip this size is rather costly, so it’ll likely use up the travel budget for a good few months, but luckily they don’t happen very often.

That’s all for now! If you support me on Patreon, don’t forget you can help decide how your money is spent, what trips I go on, etc. using the Trello board.

5 thoughts on “Travel Plans for the Rest of the Year”

  1. Hi Greg,

    Very happy to be a Patron. The quality of your HDR’s are second to none. its an amazing resource for the community, and i really just cant say enough about the quality of your work. Ive seen lots of people thanking you, but not nearly enough mentioning how good they really are.

    Second….pleas in the first vault consider including more urban HDR’s like potsdamer platz ect. Something Archviz peeps can use to frame their windows as well as light their scenes. There are lots of tree filled parks and grassy fields in the collection. Please can we have some city scenes 😉

    okay, thanks again and good luck with the new venture.

    1. Thanks man 🙂 glad you appreciate the effort. They’ll never be perfect, but there’s always room for improvement.

      There’ll definitely be some urban stuff in the first vault – I’ll release it this week, just not sure of the details yet. Thinking maybe a live stream and randomly selecting one or two from each of the old bundles to make things diverse.

  2. Hey man, brilliant work. Next time you’re in Germany let me know. I can assist on shoots with higher end gear (I’m a TimeLapse photog getting into 3D) and just general assistance.

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