The Shed: A Community Project

The results are in…

Our first 3D model competition has been a major success!
We received almost 100 asset submissions from more than 50 amazing artists.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote, everyone who was involved in any way no matter how small and thank you to everyone who participated!
Even if you did not win, we are humbled by your support and dedication!

And of course… A HUGE thank you to all of the Prize Sponsors who have provided such an amazing pool of resources for the winners to choose from.
So many in fact that, Every single winner will be receiving at least one prize with some winning more!

Congratulations to all the winners!
I am sure many of you have been waiting in anticipation of these results…. and so… Here they are…

Top 10

#1Hand Drill by Benjamin McDonnell
#2Hand Plane by Satyaki Mandal
#3Lightbulb by Josh Dean
#4Cutters by Antanas Kep
#5Modular Pipes by Amal Kumar
#6Ratchet Wrench by John Hutcheson
#7Garden Hose by Kuutti Siitonen
#8Cardboard Box by Rahul Chaudhary
#9Bench Vice by Antanas Kep
#10Gate Latch by Desktoy

In no particular order here are the rest of the winners.

All good things come to an end.
With the Shed Community project coming to a close.
We really want to thank everyone who has taken part, submitted work and also to everyone who helped others with what they were making.
We are blown away by the overwhelming amount of amazing work that was made for the project from so many talented people.
Thank you to everyone who stopped by on our discord too. 
It has been awesome being able to meet, hangout and to work alongside you.

What happens next?
We take some time to look through all of the submitted work and assess each submission’s eligibility whilst preparing them for voting.

How will voting work?
For fairness we will create a standardized render for each asset which our patrons will then vote on to find the top creations and the winners will get to choose from the pool of available prizes.

The artist in first place will get first pick from the prize pool; after that, second place will then pick from the remaining prizes; third place will pick after that; then fourth… until there are no prizes left.

As a participation prize, all artists whose props were accepted (including those who didn’t win any prizes) will be given access to Poly Haven’s Nextcloud server which contains all our assets, as well as a special role on our Discord server.

What is happening to the “Shed Scene” 

Once the voting is complete the assets will undergo preparation to be uploaded to the Poly Haven library. After this is complete, work on the scene will begin and we will start to build an environment to show off the work you have made.

If you have any further questions feel free to ask here, On our discord or you can message me privately at [email protected]

Original post below:

The Shed: A Community Project

Work with us to create a library of free and open 3D assets!

We want to work together as a community to create a garden shed environment, filled to the brim with high quality props created by dozens of different artists (like you!)

Though we have over $3000 worth of prizes to reward to the best artists, this project is also about building a library of free content for everyone.

We want you to make props that would fit the theme of a garden shed, workshop, or greenhouse. We’ll create an environment for these props to go in, and share all the assets openly on, along with the final scene itself.

Imagine a loosely organized mess of garden tools, workshop equipment, paint brushes, toys or even a dart board.

Your imagination is the limit. Whatever might fit a scene like this, we’ll find a place for it.

Create as many assets as you like, the more you submit the more prizes you can potentially win. Just remember that quality matters more than quantity.

There are a few requirements to assets we can accept:

  • They have to be your own original creation.
  • They have to be able to be published as CC0 (more on this further down).
  • They have to be consistent with the standards and quality of the models currently on the site.


Graswald Library

Nature assets, either Vol. 1 or Vol. 2

3 copies available

Value: $99 each

Red Giant

Tools for filmmaking and motion graphics

1 year subscription

Value: $689

Flip Fluids

Powerful liquid simulation in Blender

3 copies available

Value: $76 each

UVPackmaster 3

An efficient and fully-featured UV packing engine for Blender

3 copies available

Value: $39 each

Cubic Worlds

Learn how to tell your stories with low poly animations in Blender

3 copies available

Value: $59 each

Substance Painter Launch Pad

Level up your texturing skills in Substance Painter

3 copies available

Value: $59 each

Creating 3d Environments

Learn how to build high quality 3d environments in Blender

3 copies available

Value: $79 each


Next generation render farm for Blender & Modo

2 x RenderStreet One subscriptions (one month, all options)

Value: $420 each

Photogrammetry Course

The most complete course for making hyper-realistic 3d assets from photos

2 copies available

Value: $59 each

Procedural Texturing: Blender Master Class

Master procedural texturing in Blender with node export Luca Rood

2 copies available

Value: $45 each

Hard Surface Rigging in Blender

The beginner’s guide to mechanical rigging

1 copy available

Value: $45

50 Modeling Issues From Hell

The solution to the most common 3d modeling problems in Blender

1 copy available

Value: $60

One Click Damage

Procedural mesh damage tool

2 copies available

Value: $14 each


A quick way to cracks

1 copy available

Value: $14


Lighting & HDRI manager for Blender

3 copies available

Value: $20 each

Armor Paint

Node based PBR texture painting software

10 copies available

Value: $19 each

That’s 43 prizes with a total value of $3,367!

The project will conclude on the 19th of September. After that, our patrons will vote for the top creations and winners will get to choose from the pool of available prizes.

The artist in first place will get first pick from the prize pool; after that, second place will then pick from the remaining prizes; third place will pick after that; then fourth… until there are no prizes left.

As a participation prize, all artists whose props were accepted (including those who didn’t win any prizes) will be given access to Poly Haven’s Nextcloud server which contains all our assets, as well as a special role on our Discord server.

Working together

There’s no reason to work in complete isolation. We’d love for everyone to hang out and help each other with feedback and constructive criticism.

We have a special section on our Discord for this, and we’ll also be hanging out in a voice chat while working on our own assets for the shed during the course of the project.

We highly recommend sharing your progress on forums or other Discord communities. This way you can get feedback from outside of our little community too, and help spread the word about the project.

Don’t know what to make?
Don’t worry! We have created a list of ideas which can be found on this Trello board. We will be using this board to try and track contestant’s progress as well, so share your progress with us on Discord!

Having too many of the same kind of prop may not be as useful as having lots of different things, but don’t let that discourage you from making whatever it is you feel like making 🙂

Here’s a simple prop workflow that you can check out as an example of the kind of thing we’re looking for.

How to enter

  1. Read the rules and requirements below.
  2. Pick an idea for a prop that would fit in a garden shed environment.
  3. Create this prop in a photorealistic style.
  4. Don’t use any resources that would mean your prop could not be published as CC0 (more info below).
  5. Make sure your creation is fit to be used by other people (e.g. good UVs, topology, etc).
  6. Share your work in progress on forums and gather feedback from other artists to make your work better.
  7. When you’re done, submit your asset here.


It is of utmost importance that your assets can legally be published as CC0. This means submissions that include any copyrighted content of any kind will be rejected. See more in the FAQ below.

  • All entries must be original works.
  • In order to help us verify your work we will need you to provide a list of all the sources or information regarding any resources you had used that you did not make yourself. This includes which texture resources you used on your 3D model.
  • We encourage you to favor quality over quantity, though there is no limit to how many assets you can submit. Each prop should be a separate submission.
  • Any software can be used as long as the work that is produced allows us to release it as CC0.
  • 3D scanned assets will be allowed as long as the asset does not include any copyrighted or trademarked material and meets the requirements below.

Asset requirements 

Ultimately Poly Haven is striving for quality over quantity – we’re not trying to be the next BlendSwap – so we have to be quite specific about the technical requirements and level of quality that we publish.

  • Assets should be photorealistic, suitable for next-gen game engines and visual effects. Please get feedback and critique from other artists before submitting your work.
  • Assets should be in real-world scale, with rotation and scale applied.
  • Fully UV unwrapped and textured with standard PBR maps. Minimum 4k resolution textures. If you have a complex procedural shader, this should be baked down to a simple set of images so as to be compatible with any 3D software.
  • Use only custom original textures painted specifically for your asset, or textures that are already CC0/public domain compatible. There is a list of resources like this on the Trello board.
    • This means content from popular sites like or Poliigon cannot be used.
    • Working with built-in tools and procedural textures (e.g. in Substance) is fine, as long as they are baked to the UVs of your model and not shared on their own.
    • If in doubt, read the terms of use or license agreement of the resource you’re using, or ask on our Discord.
    • You will be required to share a list of links to the resources you used so we can validate this.
  • 3D scanned assets should be reasonably retoplogized and include a full set of PBR maps (diffuse/albedo, roughness, AO, normal, displacement and metalness if applicable).
  • Assets must be provided in “.blend” format. If Blender is not your software of choice, check some tutorials on how to import your asset into Blender and make sure it looks the way you want it.

If you’d like to make our lives easier, take a look at our Technical Standards document for more details on what we we’ll need before we publish it on


Can I submit multiple assets?

Please do! The more assets you submit, the more prizes you can potentially win.

If you submit multiple assets that are very similar (e.g. Small geometry tweaks or minor texture changes ) we might consider them as a single asset.

Can I use images from Pixabay/Unsplash?

These two websites do not actually use the CC0 license, but their licenses are similar enough to CC0 that for most images (except for those depicting a recognizable person or trademark) you may incorporate them in your assets. Just read their license terms carefully to ensure you’re abiding by them, and then in our submission form provide a link to the image(s) you used so that we can verify your source and credit the author (which is not technically required, but is nice to do and builds trust with our users).

For other similar sites, make sure their license is similarly lenient – if you’re not sure just ask in the comments below or on Discord and we’ll check it out.

Note that textures from popular sites like and Poliigon are not compatible with the CC0 license and cannot be used. For any other sites, read their licenses very carefully.

Can I use public domain resources in my assets?

Yes. Although CC0 is not exactly the same as public domain and it’s not possible to apply the CC0 license to existing public domain content outright (re-licensing it), it is possible to use that content as part of a greater design and release that new work (a derivative) under a new license. Just make sure the image in question is actually in the public domain, and not simply “free”.

You will still need to provide a list of sources for any included public domain works.

What happens if I use copyrighted resources as part of my asset?

If you tell us about it, then we will unfortunately have to reject your submission. If you don’t tell us, that would be plagiarism. If you don’t include any sources, we assume that your asset is completely your own original work, and will publish it as CC0 on Poly Haven. Despite us publishing your creation, you are the one licensing your creation as CC0 and remain legally responsible for it. If it’s later discovered that your design is plagiarized, we will immediately remove it and provide your contact information to the party raising the dispute.

Info and Links

6 thoughts on “The Shed: A Community Project”

  1. Will there be a place to see all accepted assets so we can try and not model the same type of asset? Also to just see kind of what has been accepted and see the engagement from the community! Thanks so much for hosting this!

    1. Hi! Checkout the trello board mentioned in the post above. I will be trying to keep that up to date with what people are working on. – It will be updated again shortly.

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