We’re looking for texture artists to produce high quality seamless PBR texture sets from 3x3m photoscanned surfaces.

Scans are expected to be captured either under uniform light or with a cross-polarized ring flash – either way the resulting albedo map is expected to be without any lighting or shadows, and accurate to the source material.

As for what surfaces to scan, it’s largely up to you, we trust our artists to produce content that will be useful or is interesting to them. We can provide some suggestions if you are unsure.

Our suggested workflow for processing scans is documented here.

Payment for each material is $200-350 depending on experience. Right now we’re interested in once-off bulk purchases of about a dozen materials per artist, but we’ll start with a small test of 3 materials before scaling up.

These are the minimum technical requirements:

  • Clear and consistent image quality.
  • Minimum 8k resolution, achieved without upscaling.
  • Seamless on all axes (except in cases where it’s better to be seamless on one axis only), without any noticeable tiling or cloning artifacts.
  • Recorded real world dimensions of the final surface, accurate to a few centimeters.
  • Texture maps needed: Diffuse/albedo, roughness, normal, displacement, AO, metalness (if applicable).
  • All maps should be 16-bit PNG.
  • Calibrated albedo map using a color chart (workflow is described in step 6 here) to ensure accurate exposure and color.
  • Albedo should have little to no lighting or shadows in it.
  • Normalized displacement map, but some record of the correct depth. This can either be a blend file with the material set up, or a low-poly version of the original scan.

Please email [email protected] if interested.