We are looking for a highly organized technical 3D artist with broad experience to manage content publications and help expand our user base.

Position: Full-time, Permanent
Start date: 1 March 2023
Type: Hybrid remote (Mondays in office, otherwise according to preference)
Location: Randburg, South Africa
Salary: R21-26k per month

Your role will be managing and organizing all assets created by internal and external artists, including:

  • Writing scripts to adapt Blend files (3D models and materials) to other formats such as 3Ds Max, Unreal and USD.
  • Ensuring technical standards, conventions and quality control.
  • Uploading and publishing of all assets on our site and other platforms.
  • Managing and planning our publication schedule several weeks in advance.
  • Updating our system of categorization and tagging to improve searchability.
  • Assisting the community manager with reviewing assets donated to us.

About Poly Haven

Poly Haven is a renowned asset platform that creates free high quality 3D assets for everyone, published under the public domain to be free of any restrictions or conditions.

Our work is used in numerous Hollywood films, AAA video games, and cutting edge AI research – as well as reaching millions of individual artists every month.

Our focus is on producing the best quality 3D assets possible and developing techniques that can be executed at scale.

We are a transparent community-centered project, sharing everything that we know to help other 3D artists grow and improve.

Much of our funding comes from individuals who appreciate what we do and donate to support our work, making us highly accountable to them and letting our community be involved in the decisions we make to move forward.

Who we’re looking for

The kind of candidate we are looking for:

  • Enjoys organization, planning, and compartmentalizing everything.
  • Is very detail-oriented and technically minded.
  • Is self-driven and independent.
  • Prefers to enable others to create their art than creating art themselves.
  • Has a good technical understanding of PBR workflows.

Experience required:

  • Practical programming/scripting experience to automate tasks (E.g. python).
  • Minimum 1 year work experience + related degree   OR    3 years work experience.
  • Majority of experience was working in a team, not as a solo freelancer.
  • Extensive experience in at least two different DCCs (Maya, Max, Blender, Houdini, etc.) and one game engine.


  • Extensive knowledge of Blender, 3Ds Max and Unreal.
  • 3D scanning/photogrammetry, or general camera operating experience.
  • A passion for open source software and philosophies.

What it’s like working at Poly Haven

We have a small core team of 4 full time staff supplemented by independent contractors around the world.

The work you do will make a positive impact on millions of people, helping artists improve their skills, focus on what they’re good at, and make a living from it.

We foster a culture of independence and ownership over the work that you do. While passion is often a reason to want to work late, we encourage a mindset to maintain work-life balance and ensure a stress-free environment.

As we function independently and almost never do work for clients, deadlines are rare and typically flexible.

By the nature of making assets for anyone to use for any purpose forever, much of our work is focused on the cutting edge of what is technically possible with today’s hardware, often involving exploring and developing new workflows and techniques. What we develop and discover often becomes the standard way of doing things in the industry.

Whenever possible, we encourage you to explore what it is that you enjoy doing, outside your usual role in the team. This often includes learning new skills and playing around with tools and techniques you are interested in. As a rule we value passion and whatever it is you are motivated to do.

We have one meeting per week and prefer everyone to manage their own time.

All employees enjoy generous leave benefits, flexible work hours, and full cover for training and personal development programs. We believe in hiring people, not skills.